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Can you guess which strains are real?

You think you’ve probably seen or heard some of the wildest strain names there are. But buckle up, because we’ve found some that will blow your mind (literally).

The strain names we are about to show you are all real, except for a few… Can you sniff them out?

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    Which drink also shares a strain name?

    • Vodka
    • Jagermeister
    • Sangria
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    All of these natural phenomenons carry a strain name except for one…

    • Volcano
    • Alaskan Thunder Fuck
    • Aurora Indica
    • Golden Sun
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    Which strain was named after a CIA Top Secret Project?

    • Operation Neptune
    • MIF Class 3
    • MK Ultra
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    Three of these sea creatures have cannabis names in their honor. Which one is the misfit?

    • Blowfish
    • Great White Shark
    • Electric Eel
    • Catfish
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    Which of these blues is a fake name?

    • Blue Cheese
    • Blue God
    • Blue Champagne
    • These are all real names
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    Two of these strain-doctors recommend a daily toke. Only one of them doesn’t have a say in the matter…

    • Dr. Who
    • Dr. Trip
    • Dr. Funk
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    Which wild animal strain is out of its habitat?

    • Walrus Kush
    • Silver Back Gorilla
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Funky Monkey
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    Which of these OG’s has not received its name yet?

    • Bubba OG
    • Banzai OG
    • Mars OG
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    Although they don’t sound inviting, which of these disgusting strain names is a misfit?

    • Cat Piss
    • Dog Shit
    • Booger
    • Barf
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    Can you find the hoax among these potent strains?

    • Professor Chaos
    • Chemdawg
    • Purple Voodoo
    • Jet Lag

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