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New Study Says More People Use Cannabis to Treat Illness Than to Get High

The line between using cannabis recreationally versus medically is thin.

In reality, you will find the same strains at your medical dispensary and at your recreational store.

So if the same weed is used by both types of users, what differentiates them is actually the reasons behind their consumption.

In this context, the new study published this month in Jama Open Network brings a lot of insights.

More people use pot for medical purposes:

The study surveyed more than 165,000 men and women across the United States between 2016 and 2017.

Results demonstrate 46% of regular cannabis users do so because of a medical condition compared to 22% who use pot for recreational purposes. And among respondents with medical conditions, 11.2% of young adults reported using cannabis on a daily basis.

To explain these results, the authors concluded that “Adults with medical conditions, especially those with respiratory conditions, cancer, and depression, were more likely to use marijuana,”

Young adults prefer smoking

Unsurprisingly, the study also reveals that the most popular way to use pot across all demographics is still smoking. Today, it is still the favorite consumption method for 77.5% of regular users.

Finally, the authors noted that 25% of young adults use medical cannabis, versus only 2% for people aged 65 and more.

However, as legitimate information about cannabis is spreading faster and faster every day, the public perceptions of pot are getting more positive. No one doubts that our seniors will soon massively join the movement.

What about you? Tell us if you use pot medically or recreationally in the comments section!

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