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This Guy Trains Bees to Make Honey with Weed


If you follow the cannabis industry, you’re used to hearing pretty crazy stories involving nature and pot.

Well here’s another one: Nicolas Trainer, a French beekeeper has recently announced that he had trained his bees to make honey out of resin from cannabis plants. Ever since his announcement, the cannabis community has been buzzing.

The beekeeper has always been a strong pot advocate.

When he was younger, Nicolas was a troublesome kid. His hyperactive condition made it hard for him to focus in class, which eventually led him to drop out of school.

But he quickly realized that pot could help with his condition. Ever since he first tried cannabis, Nicolas has seen significant improvements.

Hence, for the last couple of years, the beekeeper has been working to combine his strong advocacy for pot use with his beekeeping profession. 

How did he make the discovery?

Before his recent discovery, Trainer had trained his bees to collect sugar from fruits instead of flowers.

Bingo: this is when he realized he could train them to collect resin.

So he decided to combine the numerous health benefits contained in both honey and marijuana to create the sweet ‘Cannahoney’.

It’s only a matter of time before your kids start playing with hemp.

Why is this an amazing finding?

Not only is the fusion between cannabis and honey promising for human use, but it’s also completely harmless for the bees!

In case you were wondering, they aren’t affected by the cannabinoids, as they simply do not have an endocannabinoid system.  

According to Nicolas, bees are able to work with any strain.

This is super promising as it suggests that his discovery could be turned into many different categories of products with distinct tastes and flavors.

Can’t wait to try this all-natural-cannabis edible!

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