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Odorless Cannabis is Coming Soon…

The days of tucking towels under doors and smoking through dryer sheets may soon be over. Brampton, Ontario based company CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. claims its PURECANN technology eliminates virtually all smells when cannabis is stored and smoked.

Available technology like dry herb vaporizers can give that near odourless effect, but those will usually cost anywhere upwards of $150.

According to CannabCo President and CEO Mark Pellicane in a company news release, their odourless cannabis does not need any third-party gadgets or devices from the user, and the product is nearly undetectable when it is stored.

Consumers should pump the brakes before throwing out all their incense and air fresheners though, as CannabCo is awaiting a production license from Health Canada and currently still building their pilot facility in Brampton.

The PURECANN technology allegedly does not just reduce odour, but also reduces the harshness of the smoke. This means it could also be a potentially more alluring option to first time consumers or people who find smoking too hard on their lungs.

CannabCo has been tight lipped on what exactly their PURECANN technology is, but assured consumers that its product meets all the standards of the industry and business regulations.

The company has not ruled out potential partnerships with other producers so this could be a marquee moment for the cannabis industry and the first step toward odourless cannabis being a regularly available product on the market.

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